U-Haul Rentals

Rent U-Haul in Griffin, Lovejoy, or McDonough, GA

Certified U-Haul Dealership

Rent your moving truck with us today!

General Storage is proud to be one of Georgia’s certified U-Haul dealerships, across our three locations you can rent your truck, whether you need it to move into your storage unit, or across town.

We’re here for you through the whole process, from packing to move-out, we cover everything. Packing supplies, like boxes and tape, can be purchased directly from our on-site office, and you can even rent U-Haul in minutes!

We have a variety of trucks and trailers for your big move. Reach out to our local staff with any questions!

Other Amenities We Offer

Listed below are other amenities that we offer at General Storage

  • Packing supplies for sale
  • Available moving carts and dollies
  • Parcel services
  • Drive-up access storage units
  • Extra wide aisles

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